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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Recent work

Today I worked with Holly and Michelle on some new makeup. Always looking to update the craft and continue learning from the feedback of others. So what I found is that layering two concealers really gives great lift under the eye and to the cheek bone without adding too much texture. On Michelle, I layered a correcting concealer to cut out any discoloration and shadowing under her eye. then I applied a brighter concealer to lift the cheek and brighten under the eye. Too many times I see people with soooo much white under there eyes and I wanted to avoid this . I only used a 1.5 shade brighter in the layered concealer to avoid the white under eye circles. I also applied Michelle's blush horizontally on the cheek, from the apple of the cheek straight back toward the ear, rather than going upward on the face toward to avoid any harsh lines and hard contouring to the face. Keeping Michelle's brows soft, just adding density to the outer brow, it kept her brows super natural and less artificial.
With Holly, we experimented with lashes a little and bold liner. We applied false lashes to her outer lower lash line and a ton of liner to the top lid to pull the eye back up so it wasn't too bottom heavy. Her shadow was kept soft on the lid and we extended it out onto the orbital bone around the eye. Her lip was layered with a flesh tone pencil, followed by a deeper line, then a darker lipstick and a gloss.

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