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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Friday Face-Off :

This Friday Face-off is: BOLD LIPS
If you tend to wear your lips neutral with minimal to no color - I want you to add color, depth, or brightness. If you are used to wearing bolder colors I want you to go au-naturale, or atleast lighter. If you aren't a gloss wearer - throw on that high shine laquer.

Take some risks, try something new. You may find a new look you love - this is the time for you to not hesitate -  step outside your comfort zone and dig through that makeup bag/drawer.

Bold doesn't translate as clown-like, just different, not the norm, beyond the usual limits.

Email your face-off to me at no later than 10pm on Friday evening. They will be posted Saturday on blogspot, twitter and facebook. Check out what others do.


  1. Kristin...I am so proud of you...all your web stuff is awesome!!!!! I need a makeover....reading your tips and they are great!! I need suggestions on "light" makeup to wear while working since I am working out, I break-out with sweating and don't like to wear anything heavy so haven't been wearing anything at all and feel like I look dead!!!! Suggestions are sooo welcome!!

  2. Maren,
    Best advice I can give you is using an oil free primer on top of your daily moisturizer to create a barrier between your makeup and your skin. This will help prevent sweating from interfering with the wearability of your makeup.
    Due to the fact that you are working out I would choose a light-weight tinted moisturizer, there is no need for coverage while working out, especially that I would recommend washing your face afterward. I'd be happy to go shopping with you anytime to choose some good products that fit well into your needs and lifestyle.