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Friday, May 21, 2010

Passport to Poland's Pride

Created over 25 years ago, Inglot, an innovative cosmetic brand has significantly impacted the market. Their sleek packaging, high quality ingredients, intense pigmentation, and trend setting colors make for a makeup artists ultimate playground.

With the kaleidoscope of colors and broad spectrum of tools and accessories, Inglot is a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetic industry. One of the busiest, most sought after investment at the Makeup Show NYC 2010, Inglot was 3 people deep for two days in their corner territory amongst a wealth of choice competitors.

Although not new to industry - Inglot offers industry constituents, and consumers alike, the convenience of their Freedom System; a magnetic customized stackable set of palettes. The palettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes fitting all your complexion, eye, lip and brow colors. This is beyond ideal, and not just for the traveling makeup artist but also for the on-the-go mom, the over-worked nurse, or the young debutante just getting herself familiar with makeup.

Definitely worth a trip into Times Square. It's not just their products you'll love, its their prices too.

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