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Monday, May 10, 2010

Singin' the Blues

My favorite look of this season so far, all my clients have gone wild over it - once they step outside the box and embrace COLOR.

Smashbox has launched some new amazing colors to their collection, all permanent fixtures - so you won't have to worry about limited availability. These colors can be used with ANY combination of colors you are wearing on the eye - my favorites are golds and bronzes, grey and navy, and even browns and nudes.

Teal Jet Set
  A Waterproof Metallic Turquoise Gel Eyeliner applied with an effortless application as a traditional liner or in the rim of the eye. I like it worn in the water line, as a base on the lid under a shadow or just as a basic liner.

Peacock Limitless Eye Liner
  A new Teal waterproof liner with the capability of giving on-point definition or an no-budge-smudge. I don't recommend it for the waterline - but when using teal jet set in the waterline, this is Peacock Eye Liner is the perfect partner smudged under the lower lash line.

Aquatica Eye Shadow
A highly pigmented Marine Blue shadow described as having a "cashmere" texture for easy blending and a flawless finish. Smudged over top of Peacock Limitless Eye Liner this shadow creates an eye popping smokey look. This shadow is also superb to pop any eye shadowed look by contributing bold color or of long wearing bold shadow place on top of Teal Jet Set and blend out.

Suggested additions to this look:
Hyperlash Mascara
Photo Op under Eye Brightener
High Definition Liquid Concealer

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