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Sunday, March 28, 2010


If you want camera ready, flawless, professional makeup application you need to have the beautyblender in your tool box. An innovative makeup sponge applicator gives both the consumer and makeup artist flawless complexion with a professional finish. This easy to use tool has a suede-like texture for effortless blending capabilities. By using the wide end, you can blot and blend makeup or use the smaller end to get precision around the eye and nose.

This eco-friendly non-disposable sponge is sold alone or in a set with a specially designed cleanser. The blendercleanser is designed to not only clean your beautyblender and rid it of bacteria and product, but it houses your beautyblender on a pedestal while it dries. All you have to do is wet your beautyblender with some water, apply the blendercleanser to soiled areas, work into a lather - rinse, repeat if necessary, squeeze any excess water out and then let it dry. Conveniently this non-latex hypoallergenic sponge can be put in the beautyblender pouch and tossed right into the dryer on the air-dry setting. (The beautyblender is not meant to come into direct contact with extreme heat sources).

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