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Sunday, March 14, 2010

QVC: Mally Cosmetics

Watching QVC and they are promoting Mally cosmetics - I'm confused why people want an eyeshadow stick that will last on the eyes for 5 days? Clients are calling in saying waterproof eye makeup remover doesn't take it off. Mally is promoting it as "bullet-proof". Hmmmm, not sure that's what I would want, bullet proof makeup? Is that supposed to make it better?
So this stick eyeshadow has to be a no-go for two simple reasons:
A) gotta be super drying and therefore going to accentuate lining on the eyes
B) who in their right mind wants to scrub at their eye lids?

Ugh and all she is saying is bullet proof, all her products are bullet proof - this is so irritating to watch.

Ok so now she is also saying 'brow pencil and powder look unnatural' - yet...wait here it comes....her system comes with a brow pencil, and powder (she may be drunk). Oh and her models brows are all uneven and lopsided - but they are bullet proof so incase she is faced with rapid gunfire, her brows are safe.

My big take away message is this: Super Tan Day Glo Skin with over glossed lips are NOT in for Spring/Summer '10 and just say "NO" to bullet proof.

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